“Ken Eschete knows pianos like no one else I know. He understands the instrument from an acoustical physics point of view: the many sophisticated pieces of action, the wood, cast iron, tension of the strings, quality and optimal dimensions of the soundboard and how all the above interact to make glorious sound. A musician himself, he knows the questions to ask a pianist regarding desired quality of touch and response, or the brilliance and warmth of sound needed. Kens restored pianos have a richness of sound and a singing quality that one often encounters only in the finest concert-quality instruments. It is wonderful to be able to play a piano that has had a previous life and has been restored to even higher sound and touch quality. The bonus is that Ken is an artist with wood, so the case will be as beautiful as the sound.” –Jackie Wood, Senior Lecturer in Music, Whitman College, Walla Walla, Wa